Brown’s gas (HHO) technology for all type internal combustion engines!

Reduce your fuel expenses and drive clean with HHO systems. There is a new technology developed which is using water for producing HHO / hydrogen gas / as a supplement for the engines. We specialize in installation and service of HHO systems on gasoline and diesel driven cars, vans, trucks.

What is an HHO system

Powered by vehicle’s electricity, the on-demand HHO system uses electrolysis of water and biodegradable electrolyte. The result of the electrolysis is obtaining pure H2 and O2 gases. This mixture of H2 and O2, also called oxy-hydrogen is then conducted to the air-intake, where it is burned together with the regular fuel of the vehicle. As this gas has a higher burning speed (higher octane), it enhances the burning of the fossil fuel used. The almost complete burning gives an increased fuel economy, and practically no harmful emproduct_1762issions (NOx, CO, CO2, HC, SO2 are reduced by up to 80%). HHO gas acts only as accelerator of the burning process inside the motors. Due to the enhanced burning, there are less carbon black accumulations, therefore the engine life and engine oil life is extended also.


Petrol Engines

Cars, Vans: 15-20% between 1 – 1,5 L/100km (60 miles) 10 – 15 mpg increases

Diesel Engines

Cars, Vans, Suvs, Pick-ups: 20-30% between 1 – 3 L/100km (60 miles)15 – 30 mpg increases

Busses, Trucks, Big Rigs, Heavy Machinery

Fuel saving vary, between 3L and 6L / 100km. depending on the machine type, or about 25%

Tractors & Diesel Generator

Fuel saving around 30 – 45%

Fuel Saving

HHO tank

HHO tank should be monitored regularly and be supplemented with water (around 200ml of water on every 300 miles (450km)

Vehicle under warranty

If the vehicle is under warranty, it is necessary before the installation to discuss your intentions with the dealer, not to run the risk to void the warranty, although HHO systems are supplemental to the engine and practically no modifications are done to the vehicle.

HHO kits

The HHO kits have been specifically designed and tested by the manufacturer and can be applied to your personal or business needs. They are created for diesel and gasoline engines and tested in various conditions.

Revolutionary dynamic kits

Our kits are complete systems, including a revolutionary dynamic PWM and a 2 Years manufacturer warranty for the cell. Instructions are provided as well for those who want to install the system themselves. Tools and some mechanical knowledge could be of need.

Installation services

We are providing installation services in the area of Montreal and surroundings. Our team can help you find the perfect formula for your specific engine type in order to maximize all benefits. We work as a team which is focused on delivering results in order to meet our customers’ expectations.

Toxic emissions reduced by up to 80%

– Increased engine dynamic parameters.
– Fuel savings between 15% and 40%, and in some cases even more.
– Smooth engine work with less vibrations.
– Extended engine oil life.

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